By registering the views generated can be retrieved at a latter date.

The sharable links can be viewed by anyone with the link, however, only the registered creator of the page can edit it or promote a registered user who visited the page to edit it.

NB. Your username is visible on the pages you create, therefore if you create a page and share it it will be visible.

Admin help

A registered user cannot insert script tags when editing for security reasons. If you require to do so, the site admin can promote your account.

Passwords are hashed, so if forgotten they cannot be retrieved. The site admin can however reset your password.

If you created a page as guest (unregistered user) and somehow lost the PDB or PSE file and want to be able to edit it as a registered user, the site admin can give you edit rights.

If you want to report a page that violates any EU law, the site admin can delete it.

  • The password is hashed.
  • Your email is required only if you get in contact regarding an account problem.
  • Your username is visible to the editors of the pages you visit.
  • We will access and edit pages if required to do so.
  • We will not share this information with third parties for whatever reason.

User pages

Once a conversion is done either from a PDB or a PSE, a page is generated.

This page contains several buttons on the right hand side. Most notably "implementation code", which guides the user on how to use the page on their website.

Additionally, the page itself can be downloaded as a self standing page.

There is a hard limit to 50 MB for an upload. The reason is that: * you are mostly likely not a nice person and are trying to DoS attack: if you try to upload a large file too many times your IP will be blacklisted. * if legitimate, such as large file will result in * a visitor having to download a similar sized file each time they visit the page * the browser on a non-gamer computer being sluggish/unresponsive. Few structures are affected. A large structure such as a ribosome complex will run smoothly on a computer. However, a virus with over than 62 chains cannot be converted, while one with less is likely to crash your browser. In that case, we suggest uploading a single unit and having a picture to show what the whole thing looks like. If this is not satisfactory please contact the admin by clicking on on the top right or clicking here, and we will circumvent the rules. However, as a huge structure will make a computer sluggish and may force a visitor to restart their computer. Therefore, these structures will be blacklisted from being set to public. Furthermore, 30% of visitors visit Michelaɴɢʟo on mobile devices, hence why this option is not a preferred option.

Before downloading the page it may be handy to edit it first. By editing the page, prolinks (protein guiding links) can be made. (see markup documentation for full details)

These user generated pages are accessible by anyone with the URL, but the pages are not listed or can they be cached by search engines. This can be altered in security by ticking encrypt, which will apply AES encryption to it and only who has the encryption key can access it, or conversely, by ticking public it will be listed in Gallery.

NB. The data will not be kept permanently: unvisited longer than a year, unclaimed pages created by guest after 24 hours.

As a wee present for your reading this documentation, adding ?bootstrap=materials to the url of the pages will switch the framework look to Google Materials. To use this on the download file right click and copy the link and add &bootstrap=materials to it.

  • Snapshot: save png
  • Download PDB
If the user is registered, this page can be edited. Do note that a few URL query options are possible: # remote (boolean) boostrap no_user no_buttoons no_analytics

Protected page

A page marked as publication-ready/published must remain stable for many years, therefore the following are enforced:

  • It is deletion protected
  • A backup has been made
  • prolink monitoring

The system will monitor every 10 days that the prolinks generate the same images and that the content is consistent with that stored. If something differs, the admin will be notified and action will be taken as follows:

  1. Bug: the issue will be corrected if possible, else you will be contacted (extremely unlikely).
  2. Minor edit*: no action. (∗borrowing the definition from Wikipedia )
  3. Major edit: you will be contacted to verify this was truly you.

At server reset and every 10 days a nodejs/puppeteer job is kicked off, which opens the page in Chromium and emulates mouseclicks on each link and saves an image. An image is considered a match is it's 99% identical.

A page that is encrypted cannot obviously be monitored.