Relevant citation

Additionally, Michelaɴɢʟo and Venus depend on various other works. Most notably NGL:

Venus relies several datasets which are listed (with relevant publications) in the bottom of an analysis in the Venus page.

Typography and phonetics

Michelaɴɢʟo is a blend of Michelangelo —as in the sculptor not the ninja turtle— and NGL (the library that it uses) and as a consequence it can either be rendered in CamelCase MichelaNGLo or, preferably, with the NGL in small caps , thusly: Michelaɴɢʟo.

In terms of pronunciation, it is pronounced like the sculptor and it's your call if to pronounce with a terse first syllable /ˌmɪkəlˈændʒəloʊ/ (closer to Italian, albeit technically /mikeˈlandʒelo/) or a lax one /ˌmaɪkəlˈændʒəloʊ/ (as the ninja turtle calls himself) —the author of this site, despite speaking Italian, goes for the latter as it sounds less pretentious.



This site is open-source (see ) and released under the MIT licence. Any content within the user pages belongs to the creators and editors of those pages (therefore consult them for copyright/privacy etc.).


VENUS (Variant Effect on Structure) itself is likewise open source under an MIT licence, but utilises several third party data, which are under different licences and as a result the page is for academic use only.

Specifically results concluded by data from a given databases should be acknowledged appropriately:

  • Specific crystal structure depends on the structure used. Not all deposited crystal structures have an associated paper. See relevant PDB entry for more.
  • Domain data is from Uniprot
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